Cinema Now

CinemaNow is a state of the art movie download site that provides its members with high quality movie download capabilities. CinemaNow is part of Sonic-Solution which is based on bringing high resolution Hollywood movies into the home through advance technologies. Launched in 1999 CinemaNow has sat at the forefront of technology in the movie download industry since its inception. They use PatchBay, a proprietary “on demand” system that controls both distribution and DRM (digital rights management).

CinemaNow has partnered with many major brands to assist in bringing movies to the consumer. These companies include Microsoft, Dell HP, EchoStar, Samsung and many others. They also work with all the major movie producers such as Century Fox, Disney, MGM, Warner Brothers, and virtually every other movie maker.

They offer two major platforms; download to own and pay per view. For purchase you pay anywhere from $9.99 to $19.99 to own a movie that you have unlimited viewing on three 3 devices. You can also purchase music and TV shows for as little as $1.99. The pay-per-view option runs at $2.99 to $3.99 and you have unlimited viewing for a 24 hour period.

As a pioneer in the movie download industry CinemaNow has a number of firsts to its credit. They were the first to offer PPV (pay per view) movies from the major studies. They were the first to offer downloads that you own from feature films. They were also the first to offer HD content through broadband. They also were the first to offer downloads from major studios that you can burn to DVD.

This company has been a leader in offering a high quality solution in downloading that satisfies both the consumer and the movie studios. People love the convenience of movie downloads, but there were not good solutions in distributing high quality images with copyright controls that also satisfy the movie studios. CinemaNow set out to provide everyone with a viable solution and have become a leader in this industry for its efforts.

Continuing the high tech evolution CinemaNow is now offering you the ability to send movies to your PC using your phone. Once your account is set up you can log into the website from you phone and order movies while you are away from you PC. Simply do your browsing from your phone, start the download, and your movie will be ready when you get back home! Of course you need an internet enabled phone that is active.
CinemaNow is a company that has taken the movie download industry in the right direction, movieng away from the questionable practice of P2P downloading. In the process they offer super high quality HD and BluRay viewing if you system is capable.