The MP3 BitTorrent is a peer to peer (P2P) program designed for the uploading and downloading of large files via the MP3 BitTorrent protocol. Over time the MP3 BitTorrent client has become the standard method of P2P movie downloads. The original versions were free ware, and went by the nickname Mainline.

The MP3 BitTorrent client allows you to find and download torrent files with the use of a search box. The speed at which this program can download files has made online movie downloading a viable method for acquiring a movie. MP3 BitTorrent itself is the protocol used in transferring files. Although these exchanges are usually done on a P2P basis here is a central server that helps coordinate the interaction of the peers. Although there are other forms of downloading protocols, the MP3 BitTorrent is especially well suited for large files (like movie downloads) that many people have an interest in.

MP3 BitTorrent is open source meaning that programmers can take the source code and modify it. Because of this you have many different MP3 BitTorrent clients. These clients all attempt to improve the use of the MP3 BitTorrent program. There are versions for both windows and Mac.

With a MP3 BitTorrent program on your computer you can surf the internet for torrents that you might like to download onto your computer. Once you find a torrent file (like a movie to download) that you want, you click on the file and then choose where to store it on your computer. You will need to configure your firewall to accept input from the torrents as you will be interacting with other computers on the internet to accomplish the movie download.

The genius behind the MP3 BitTorrent program is that it increases download speeds by allowing multiple computers to be involved in the download process. It also uploads the file to anyone downloading it, thus increasing the future downloading power of that particular file. This helps this program become faster and faster, which has made downloading larger files like movies possible. Movies are not the only good files to download with a MP3 BitTorrent, games and e-books are also perfect for this type of program. Music, software and pictures can also be downloaded with the MP3 BitTorrent technology.

The Pirate Bay, now famous for its legal battles with copyright infringement laws is one of the top MP3 BitTorrent sites on the internet. In fact The Pirate Bay boasts the largest membership, and also the largest database of torrents available. In spite of being found guilty on violation of copyright laws, The Pirate Bay is still going strong. Having a huge database is one of the best ways to become very popular on the internet.

The tracker helps coordinate the transfer of the file. As many different computers might be involved in the transfer of a single file, the torrent tracker is critical. It is this unique aspect of downloading with a MP3 BitTorrent that allows for faster downloads than in the past. This has lead to an explosion of movie downloads in recent months, creating a whole new evolution in the means for acquiring a movie.